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Knowing what to eat can be confusing and overwhelming.

Here's EVERYTHING you need to make this simple.

What's Included:

8 Easy Ways to Add Protein to Meals You Already Eat ($59 value)

Without protein, your muscles simply ain’t grown’. And the harsh reality is that most of us aren’t getting enough protein. The good news? With a little knowledge, adding more protein to your day is a quick fix. Here are 8 Ways to Add Protein to Meals You Already Eat.

8 Grab-And-Go Healthy Snacks (That Don’t Require Cutting Out Carbs)
($39 value)

Knowing what to eat can be confusing. So let’s make this a no-brainer. Here are 8 Grab-And-Go Healthy Snacks (that don’t require cutting out carbs) and why I love ‘em. 

MindStrong Macro Calculation Cheat Sheet ($89 value)

Figuring out your personal nutrition plan can be overwhelming. In fact, Big Business doesn’t want you to know this. They’d rather keep you confused as to how the process works so you keep coming back to them. But I’m not a money mongering big corporation.
I’m a teacher and I’m here to make this simple. My Macro Calculation Cheat Sheet takes you step-by-step through the exact process I use with my 1-1 clients to set their personal macro plans.

Cookin’ With Macros: Macro Friendly Cookbook ($89 value)

Eating healthy need to mean eating nothing but chicken, rice, and veggies day in and day out.

In Cookin’ With Macros, you’ll find easy-to-follow, healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…with the nutrition part is done for you!

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