Robin's physical transformation is obviously shocking. 

But hearing her talk about her RELATIONSHIP with food is the real game changer:

Check out Robin's Story of how she dropped the weight...

and healed a lifelong struggle with food.


"Learning the skill of nutrition, as well as how to train my mind, is WITHOUT a DOUBT a lifestyle...and the BEST decision and investment I have ever made for myself.


I've struggled with my weight (mentally and physically) my entire life.


When I hit rock bottom I went on fad diets, shake systems, and even more dangerous medicinal and restrictive measures.


It wasn't until I found my teacher and coach Rachel, that I finally started to have some confidence and control over my life. I am still a work in progress, but feel incredible thus far and can't wait to KEEP ON GOING!"

~Robin D.



When you learn to approach nutrition as a SKILL, not "yet another diet" the transformation is SO much bigger than just the weight loss.
  •  It gives you TOTAL control 
  •  It heals your relationship with food so there are no more "good" or "bad" foods
  •  You release ALL the shame and guilt around food
  •  It finally becomes sustainable

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