Learn my exact method for weight loss and never diet again

I'm teaching you step-by-step the exact method I use myself and with my clients to completely redefine your relationship with food and make proper nutrition a lasting lifestyle

I get it. Dieting is so frustrating.

  • You've tried and failed more times than you can count.
  • You lost the weight, only to gain it back and then some.
  • You feel like it's just not meant to work for you.

Here's the thing:

It's not you. 

It's the method you've been using.

And that method is designed for failure.

You aren't the problem. The industry is. 

There are certain truths that exist when it comes to nutrition and fat loss. It doesn't matter if you're in your 70s or your 20s. It doesn't matter if you're a male or a female. It doesn't matter if your mom swears up and down that big hips are basically your family crest.

These truths apply to everyone. You, me, and Mother Theresa.  

The problem is, mass marketing doesn't want to educate you, it wants to sell you.

If it makes you reliant on their particular product, well, that's just smart business. Since you don't know how or why it's working, you have to keep throwing your money at them to keep seeing results. 

And we all know what happens when we stop: we gain back all the weight we lost, and then some. And we're right back to square one. 

Nutrition is a learnable skill...

The truth is, EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. of these "quick fix, magic pill" diet programs out there are doing the same exact thing, but packaged in a different way, tied up with a pretty pink bow, and sold as Truth.

There is only one Truth to fat loss, and it's a learnable skill. 

  • You don't need shakes.
  • You don't need frozen meals.
  • You definitely don't need to live a life without carbs (gasp!)

You just need to learn the skill of nutrition.

When you take the time to learn, you empower yourself. No more being reliant on someone else's program. No more throwing your hard-earned cash into disgusting frozen meals every week. You learn to eat the foods you love in the correct portions.

  • No restriction.
  • All sustainable results. 

Imagine if you could...

  • Completely take control and redefine your relationship with food. No more guilt or regret. Total mindset shift from one of beating yourself up to one of complete empowerment.
  • Hit your weight loss goals while eating the foods you love. (IDK about you, but for me that means the occasional donut!)
  • Write an apology letter to carbs for all the years you spent hating on them ;)
  • Live with insane amounts of energy. No more dragging through your day, barely getting by, but popping out of bed each morning, ready to crush the day ahead!

The MindStrong Method™ is different because it's sustainable.

You'll only need me ONCE.

Using the three pillars of The MindStrong Method™, I’m teaching you how to take control of your nutrition once and for all:

  1. Education: Nutrition is a skill and it's learnable. No more blindly following someone's BS point system with no idea how or why it's supposed to work. Learn the skill of nutrition once and you have the tools for life.
  2. Personalized Plan: Every body is different because every body  is different. Your MindStrong Plan is tailored to you, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your goals.
  3. Mindset: You can make all the external changes in the world, but if you're replaying old, limiting below of:  "This will never work for me!" "Who am I kidding to think I'll stick with a plan?!" "My whole family is overweight, why should I be any different?!", you're setting yourself up to self sabotage. Training our mindset along with our body sets us up for long term success.

This isn't yet another diet. The MindStrong Method™ is my proven system to put you in complete control of your nutrition once and for all.

My name's Rachel and teaching is my superpower.

As I developed in my fitness journey, I was shocked to see how much bullsh*t was out there, packaged with a pretty pink bow and sold as Truth.

The teacher in me wanted to shout from the rooftops: "You're being scammed! Fitness and nutrition are learnable without being reliant on any one diet program! You just need to get educated!"

That's why I started my company, MindStrong Fitness. 

I transform the lives of exhausted, over-giving, unhealthy nurses, teachers, professionals and entrepreneurs, who are trapped in a cycle of giving to everyone else, but never to themselves.

Maybe you've tried all the diets out there, but nothing sticks, so you stay in a cycle of over-giving and under self-loving, creating more stress and disease in your body.

By gently teaching you why things haven’t worked before and helping you to understand that it’s nothing to do with you but, instead, the process you've been using, I’m able to re-educate you as to what really works and help you to easily turn your life around, lose the weight you've held onto for years, increase the energy that you've longed for, boost your self confidence, and re-ignite your life in a way you never dreamed was possible. 

You'll never need another diet again.

I need you to know...

  • You can do this. No matter your age, weight, or how many times you've started and stopped.
  • There are laws of health and fitness that apply to every single human being, including you and me. 
  • There is a magic pill. Two, in fact: Education + Consistency. We're here for both. 

"Rachel, How Does
MindStrong Macros Work?"

I'm teaching you, step-by-step, the exact method
I use for both myself and my clients

to take complete control of your nutrition once and for all through education, not restriction.

Within the 6 modules of MindStrong Macros, I am going full out teacher mode (don't worry, it's cool teacher mode) and showing you, step-by-step, the exact method I use to figure out macros for both myself and my clients. Your nutrition plan will personalized for you and your goals, and you'll walk away with the skill to adjust them as needed in the months and years ahead. 

If you want additional 1-1 coaching with your program, or want me to do your plan for you, you'll find options for those as well in the pricing section of this page.

This isn't a crash course diet. It's a skill I'm going to teach you to completely redefine your relationship with food

Here's What You'll Find inside the Program:

Module 1: The TRUTH About Fat Loss

In Module 1, I'm showing you exactly why it's never worked before. We're digging deep into how weight loss works, not according to fad marketing, but according to math and science. I'm going to show you exactly how every single point system, shake system, and frozen meal system out there works, why they're not sustainable, and how you can 100% do this without them.

Module 2: Intro to Macros

In Module 2, we're learning what macros arewhy we need all three (meaning why going on a low carb or low fat diet is never the answer!), and what each one does. By the end of this module, there will be no doubt why macros are the single most sustainable way to hit your weight loss goals and to make this a lasting lifestyle.

Module 3: First Steps to YOUR Personal Plan

Module 3 is where we start putting in the work to figure out your personal macro plan. Using what we now know from the first two modules, we're taking the first action steps to get your personal plan underway!

Module 4: YOUR Personal Macro Plan

It's time for action. Module 4 is what we've been building up to in the course so far. We're now putting all our knowledge and tools to use and writing out your personal macro plan You'll walk away from this module knowing exactly how and why this workswhat to do to hit your goals, and how to adjust your plan going forward. 

Module 5: What to Do With Your Numbers

Now that we have our plan, who do we do? I'm Module 5, we're talking all things action: how to start playing what I cann the Nerdy Game of Tetris, and how to make nutrition a completely sustianble lifestyle using this plan.

Module 6: What Do I Do Next?

One of the biggest mindset shifts we can make in our life is understanding that there are no "shoulds," only choices. And that's exactly what Module 6 is about: choice. You now have your personal macro plan. We're talking all things options to ensure you're getting the support and accountability you need to stick with your plan.

PLUS: Bonus Content and Resources

I'm 100% the person who buys a holiday gift and then can't wait until the actual event to give it to the person. That's why I've included this block. Get ready for some bonus gifts and resources sprinkled within your program!

Take a sneak peak inside MindStrong Macros...


Before we continue...

This program is FOR YOU if:

  • You're sick of starting and stopping and are ready to do this once and for all
  • You're dedicated to learning a new skill. It will take time, practice, and tweaking...and then you'll have the tools for life
  • You're ready to get educated, once and for all, without blindly following someone else's system that only works as long as you keep shoveling your money to them

Please DO NOT BUY this program if:

  • You're looking for a quick fix, "follow my point system and don't ask questions" BS program
  • You believe the marketing hype that it's realistic (or healthy) to lose 20 pounds every month for the next 6 months. Not only is that marketing BS, it's shooting your metabolism in the foot and setting yourself up for failure.
  • You think that purchasing this program will get you results without doing the work

If this is you, I love you but I'm not the coach for you. There are a thousand other nutrition programs out there, making unrealistic promises about quick fix results. We're here for truth and lasting results.

 How does it work?

  1. Sign up now using the link below
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  3. Within minutes, you'll be ready to rock in your course.  

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Questions? I got you...


Does this program include workouts?

MindStrong Macros is nutrition only. If you'd like workouts plus the full macro coaching program, see MindStrong Ignite.

Can I do this program if I'm gluten free?

This program is for everyone. Because macro tracking is based on the amount of food you're eating, not the type of food you're eating, you can do it gluten free, you can do it as a vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, on Whole 30, or anything in between!

Do I need to buy certain foods for this program?

Helllllz no. In this program, you're going to learn to achieve your weight loss goals eating the foods you love

Will I be starving all day?

Ew. NO! Hanger is a terrible thing. The #1 comment i get from clients is, "I can't believe how much I'm eating while still losing weight!" Not only are we training our bodies for fat loss in this program, we are also training our metabolism to get used to processing larger amounts of food. Translation: you get to eat more while still losing weight. That's called living the dream. ;)

How long will I have access to the program?

Unlimited lifetime access!

What if I want to put on weight instead of lose?

This works for any weight or health-related goals, whether it's losing or gaining. Your personal plan will be set according to your goals.

How much work does this involve?

Tracking your food in an app and paying attention to your numbers. It's on par with setting a monetary budget: not a lot of time each day, just some thoughtfulness in your actions. A bit of time to get the learning curve down, then smooth-sailin'. 


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Grab your membership to
MindStrong Macros now 

You'll have access within minutes


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