Hi, I'm Rachel

I didn't get into coaching to spit in your face and make you do burpees until you feel like you're gonna die.

Back when I was a middle school teacher (no surprise that lifting heavy things up and down became my release at the end of the day!), I casually started taking teacher-friends to the gym with me.

I heard feedback like:

"Feeling better about myself has made me such a better mom, partner and teacher. I finally feel...unstuck."

  • It was about confidence.
  • It was about energy.
  • It was about feeling unstoppable.

So many women are givers. 

We take of everyone else at the expense of our own health and happiness. 

But the truth is, the you that's showing up worn down, exhausted, and unhealthy isn't the best version of you. 

And it's not what you, or your family, deserve.

You have two choices:

You can continue to jump from fad diet to fad diet, losing some weight here and there and inevitable
gaining it back and then some.


You can learn how to do this once and for all.

No restriction. No point systems. No frozen meals.

My job isn't to sell you more "magic pills" that fall short. It's to teach you how to do this as a sustainable lifestyle.

...and you'll only need me once.

Ready to get your journey rockin'?