I'm not sure which is more mind-blowing...the fact that Mary's already lost a whopping 88 lbs (and still going strong)...


...or the fact that she accomplished this without ever having stepped foot in a commercial gym?!

Check out Mary's Story of how she dropped a whopping 88 pounds...

and learned to love the girl in the reflection:


"Ignite helped me fully understand how our bodies function from a nutritional level. Not only did I learn skills that can be implemented long term, they were also sustainable (ie carbs are not your enemy!).


The work outs were functional and easy to follow and brought the clear understanding of how to reach that goal to build sculpted muscles."

~Mary A.


You don't need lots of fancy "stuff" for this to work. 

You need to get educated, learn the skill, and stay consistent...just like Mary did

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