What to Look for In a Protein Powder

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When it comes to protein powder, there is a lot of BS on the market. The teacher in me cries inside when I see so many people replaying the story that they can't afford to invest in themselves and their health while continuing to throw money down the drain on tubs of "protein powder" that cost $130/month and are nothing more than a glorified mix of watered-down greens and a little bit of protein! 

They're literally paying 4x what they should be and getting less than half the product they need! 

Protein powder is called a supplement because that's exactly what it's there to do: supplement-or add to-the food you're eating. 

If you're drinking a protein powder, it's because you've determined that you're not getting enough protein from the food you eat each day. That means that what we are looking to get out of our protein powder is a whole lotta protein and not a lot of carbs or fat.  

Now, here's the most important part:  

I don't give a flying patootey (I just made that word up) what the marketing label on the front says. 

Those sneaky marketers will try to tell you "Well, this protein powder contains magical fairy dust, which, yes, makes it slightly higher in fat, but that's what allows it to melt fat away overnight!" (or something like that). 

That's a complete marketing BS. 

Protein powder is there to give you protein. Here's exactly what you should look for on the nutrition label of your protein bottle: 

Carbs: 1-3 grams per serving 
Fat: 0-3 grams per serving  
Protein: 20-30 grams per serving 

Regardless of what the packaging or marketing says if you don't read that info. on the nutrition label, save your cash.  

We’re here for the truth. 

We’re here for growth. 

We are definitely not here for marketing BS. 

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