We Talk About Generational Wealth, But What About Generational HEALTH?

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We Talk About Generational Wealth,  But What About Generational HEALTH?

Another One For Your Therapist

Let’s be honest: the relationship with food and our bodies that’s been passed down to us from our mothers and grandmothers isn’t the healthiest.

From “that skinny bitch at the supermarket” to constantly complaining about how fat they feel, it’s no wonder we swear up and down that our pants feel tight after merely catching a whiff of pizza.

Here’s the problem: how has this relationship served you so far?

For most of us, it’s resulted in a lifelong struggle, a love-hate push/pull, and more guilt and regret around food than we have around our personal Tinder stories.

Healing this relationship with food is the single most important work you can do. Not only for yourself, but for the next generation of children who are absorbing your words and actions.

8 Year Old You

The vast majority of our beliefs about life became wired into our tiny brains before the ripe old age of eight.

Without the chance to question the belief (“If pizza is ‘bad’ but protein is ‘good’ then what’s protein pizza?”) we simply took whatever we heard repeated by the adults around us as capital T Truth.

To add insult to injury, our brains are determined to always be right and constantly search for proof to show that its current belief system is the correct one. It’s the reason why you kind of hate Briana in accounting even though you’ve never actually spoken with her. Enough people have talked smack that the one day Briana walked by you without smiling was more than enough proof for your already-belief-filled brain to take that interaction as proof that everyone was right about Bitchy Briana.

That means that from the age of eight until present day-decades upon decades-our brains have been searching for-and finding-proof of exactly why these beliefs around food and our bodies are true.

When I eat pizza, I get fat. Pizza is bad.

Skinny girls eat nothing but salads. I am not skinny. I should only eat salads.

The problem is, the old way of approaching food doesn’t work. In fact, it never has.

But no one’s ever broken the cycle and so, just like grandpa’s old handkerchief that’s now filled with holes and mold, it continues to get passed down, generation after generation.

Breaking the Cycle

If we want our daughters and sons to have a healthier relationship with food and their bodies than we do, it’s up to us to break this cycle.

We do that by getting out of the old school all in/all out, restrictive mindset.

We learn how to hit our goals while eating the foods we love, without those labels of “good” or “bad,” “allowed” or “not allowed”.

We learn to fuel our body the way it was designed: without restriction and with a proper balance of all food, without cutting out entire food groups or following fad diets.

We become conscious of the way we’re speaking to ourselves, internally and externally, as we’re learning this new skill of nutrition. We train our inner monologue to be our best coach, instead of the raging a$$hole it currently is.

Then, and only then, does the cycle get broken.

Then, and only then, do those sponge-like children-who are secretly absorbing your every word, move, and energetic shift-have a model of health…

…which will naturally become their own.

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