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Let's play a little game: 

Whatever you do, don’t think of a blue elephant. 


You can think about anything in the world-absolutely anything, but do not think about a giant blue elephant, especially one that’s balanced on a tiny red rubber ball.

What happens? 

See, our minds don't like restrictions. When we tell it not to do something, it wants to do it more. I’m sure none of us can relate. ;)

The same is true when it comes to eating. The moment you tell yourself you can’t have something, the craving intensifies:

“Hmm, should I indulge in some ice cream tonight? No. I can’t. I’m dieting. I absolutely cannot have ice cream.” 

<2 minutes later> 

“Well, a little ice cream wouldn’t hurt. I’ve been good all day. I deserve it. NO! Must…have…willpower…” 

<3 minutes later> 

“Maybe I’ll just have a spoonful as a treat. NO! I told myself I wouldn’t so I am absolutely not having ice cream.” 

<5 minutes later> 


So, how do we make healthier eating choices we know would benefit us without harsh rules and restrictions? 

When you learn how nutrition works, according to how our bodies are designed, not blindly following fad diets, there are no "off-limits" or "bad" foods.

We learn to fuel our body with nutritious food the majority of the time, while still allowing for the "fun" less nutrient-dense foods now and then. 

Because it's not based on restriction, it's sustainable. No more telling your mind what you "can't" have. It's all about balance and being in control. 

We also remind ourselves that food is our fuel. Everything we choose to put in our body determines the output that we get in return.  

In fact, the definition of a calorie is:

The energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 °C 

Calorie = Energy.
Food = Fuel.

As you start to make the shift into a more conscious, healthier way of eating, ask yourself: 

What will this provide for my body? 

Is it giving you nutrients? Protein to build muscle? Easily digestible carbs for energy? Healthy fats for brain function and hormone regulation? 

If it doesn’t serve your body, it will only deplete your energy.

This isn’t about deprivation; it’s about making smart choices to help us live with vitality, energy and passion.

Your food is your fuel. You get out what you put in. 

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