Forget the overwhelm of what to do and how to do it.

MindStrong Daily is everything you need for your DIY fitness journey:

Daily workouts:

This isn’t about unhelpful lists of workout names that don’t mean anything. 

I’m going full out teacher mode with video tutorials, teaching you correct form and common mistakes to watch out for, giving you 100% confidence, no matter your starting place.

Each day, you’ll unlock a new workout, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it. With access to BOTH Ignite At Home and Ignite in the Gym, you can easily choose which workouts work best for you and your lifestyle.

Self Paced Nutrition Program:

Never diet again.

A big claim, I know.

But the truth is, every single diet you’ve ever tried has been the same diet at its core: designed to tell you what you “can” or “can’t” eat and-truth bomb-RESTRICTION WILL NEVER WORK.

The key is to flip the formula:

No more: “Once I lose the weight, then I’ll eat the foods I love.”
Instead: “How do I lose the weight while eating the foods I love?”

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in my full MindStrong Macros Program

Full Access to MindStrong 365:

Lovingly nicknamed “The Vault”, MindStrong 365 is a massive library of workout tutorials, mindset trainings, recipes, and more. You get full, free access for the life of your membership.


Forget lists of exercises that mean nothing.

MindStrong Daily is all about teaching you correct form, step-by-step, to ensure max results while avoiding injury, no matter your current level.

✔️ Each day unlocks a new workout

✔️ Every single exercise includes its own video tutorial

✔️ Access to both  AT HOME workouts and  workouts for the GYM

✔️ Every video tutorial includes me personally teaching you correct form plus  common mistakes to watch out for

✔️ No guesswork. No confusion. All step-by-step instruction.

It’s Time to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

MindStrong Daily includes unlimited access to MindStrong Macros, my self-paced nutrition course, teaching how to completely  take control of your nutrition once and for all. In MindStrong Macros, you’ll learn:

✔️ Why Every. Single. Diet. you’ve ever done is actually the same  diet…and why diets will never  be sustainable

✔️ What macros are and why they’re the single  most suitable approach to nutrition

✔️ Your personal macro plan

✔️ How to put your personal macro plan to immediate use

✔️ How to approach nutrition as a skill  that you learn once and literally never have to diet again

It’s All About Options with Bonus Access to MindStrong 365

Old injury you need to avoid? Want to add more to your workouts? Your free, bonus access to MindStrong 365 has you covered.

✔️ Hundred of workout tutorials to supplement or modify daily workouts

✔️ Simple, healthy recipes

✔️ Mindset trainings

✔️ Unlimited access to this massive library is yours for the length of your MindStrong Daily membership

*cue infomercial voice*

But wait, there's more!

I want to see you absolutely rock this program, so I'm throwing in free bonuses when you sign up today!

Bonus 1: Macro Friendly Cookbook

Complete macro friendly cookbook and guide with all nutritional information listed for you. Recipes for everyone!

Value: $89

You get it free with Mindstrong Daily

Bonus 2:  MindStrong Macro Workbook

This reusable guide is yours to keep and reuse to adjust your macro numbers.

Value: $89

You get it free with Mindstrong Daily

Bonus 3: Guide to Tracking Alcohol

Can you fit booze into your weight loss plan? Of course! This is all about creating a sustainable lifestyle and, for many of us, that includes alcohol now and then. In this free bonus guide, I'm teaching you exactly how to track alcohol to fit it into your weight loss goals.

Value: $59

You get it free with Mindstrong Daily

Bonuses You Get Today:

  • MindStrong Macro Cookbook - Value: $89
  • MindStrong Macro Workbook - Value: $89
  • Guide to Tracking Alcohol PDF - Value: $59

Total bonuses: $237

Yours free with MindStrong Daily


My name's Rachel and teaching is my superpower.

As I developed in my fitness journey, I was shocked to see how much bullsh*t was out there, packaged with a pretty pink bow and sold as Truth.

The teacher in me wanted to shout from the rooftops: "You're being scammed! Fitness and nutrition are learnable without being reliant on any one diet program! You just need to get educated!"

That's why I started my company, MindStrong Fitness. 

I transform the lives of exhausted, over-giving, unhealthy nurses, teachers, professionals and entrepreneurs, who are trapped in a cycle of giving to everyone else, but never to themselves.

Maybe you've tried all the diets out there, but nothing sticks, so you stay in a cycle of over-giving and under self-loving, creating more stress and disease in your body.

By gently teaching you why things haven’t worked before and helping you to understand that it’s nothing to do with you but, instead, the process you've been using, I’m able to re-educate you as to what really works and help you to easily turn your life around, lose the weight you've held onto for years, increase the energy that you've longed for, boost your self confidence, and re-ignite your life in a way you never dreamed was possible. 

You'll never need another diet again.

Take a Sneak Peak Inside MindStrong Daily


So here's what you're actually getting when you
sign up now for MindStrong Daily

Full Daily Program

  • Daily workouts
  • Self Paced Nutrition Program
  • Full Access to MindStrong 365


  • Macro Friendly Cookbook
  • MindStrong Macro Workbook
  • Guide to Tracking Alcohol PDF

(3 month minimum commitment)


  • Daily workouts
  • Self Paced Nutrition Program
  • Full Access to MindStrong 365
  • Access to BOTH Ignite AND Ignite AT Home

6 months
(2 months free)


  • Daily workouts
  • Self Paced Nutrition Program
  • Full Access to MindStrong 365
  • Access to BOTH Ignite AND Ignite AT Home

1 year
(3 months free + Year Bonus)


  • Your personalized nutrition plan done for you! Sign up for a year of MindStrong Daily and receive 3 free months PLUS your personalized nutrition plan done for you directly by me