In just 12 weeks, we'll teach to you lose weight eating ALL the foods you love...and literally NEVER diet again.


You are not the problem.
The method you've been using is.

It's time for a new method that actually lasts.

Meredith Before and After
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I've lost 30lbs in the last 9 months and am in the best physical shape of my life. While the weight loss and muscle gain have been gratifying, the biggest change has been internal. Not only do I have so much mor energy, and sleep better - my mind has become my friend and biggest cheerleader, instead of a near-constant stream of anxious chatter. I feel clearer, stronger, and more aligned than any time I can remember. My insides match my exterior and I feel UNSTOPPABLE.

~ Meredith M.

Dori Before and After
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As a 56 year old woman, I thought I was destined to grow old with a fuller figure than I had in my youth. Thankfully, I found Rachel and MindStrong and now know that is simply not true. I learned I can eat for my activity level, not my age, and there are no restrictions! I'm in better shape physically and mentally than I've been in a long time. My life has been changed and my mind blown! Thanks Rachel!

~ Dori N.

Dori Before and After

I get it. You're exhausted.

  • You feel like you've started and stopped more times than you can count.
  • You're frustrated that it will never stick.
  • You're scared that you're destined to never hit your goals.
MindStrong Ignite

It's time to take control.

I know, I know...not another failed diet I don't have the time or money for.

Here's the thing: while I'm a huge fan of personal responsibility, the truth is that every diet you've tried was destined not to work. In other words, it's not you, it's them.


Most diets out there are based on restriction, telling you what you "can" and "can't" eat. 

Restriction doesn't work. Education-understanding how to achieve your goals while eating the foods you love-is the key to sustainability.

Imagine if you could...

  • Take complete control of your nutrition. No more blindly following someone's point system or eating frozen meals that are destined to keep you coming back.
  • Hit your fitness goals while eating the foods you love. (IDK about you, but for me that means the occasional donut!)
  • Feel comfortable working out because your coach is right there with you, showing you not only proper form, but also common mistakes to watch out for.
  • Live with insane amounts of energy. No more dragging through your day, barely getting by but popping out of bed each morning, ready to crush the day ahead!

The MindStrong Method™ is different because it's sustainable.

You'll only need me ONCE.

Using the three pillars of The MindStrong Method™, I’m teaching you how to take control of your health once and for all:

  1. Education: Nutrition and fitness are skills and they're learnable. No more blindly following someone's system with no idea how or why it's supposed to work. Learn the skills of nutrition & fitness once and you have the tools for life.
  2. Personalized Plan: Every body is different because every body  is different. Your MindStrong Plan is tailored to you, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your goals.
  3. Mindset: You can make all the external changes in the world, but if you're replaying old, limiting below of:  "This will never work for me!" "Who am I kidding to think I'll stick with a plan?!" "My whole family is overweight, why should I be any different?!", you're setting yourself up to self sabotage. Training our mindset along with our body sets us up for long term success.
This isn't yet another diet. The MindStrong Method™ is my proven system to put you in complete control of your health, once and for all.
A. Before and After
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For the last several years and particularly during the pandemic, food had become wrapped up in emotion. The MindStrong Ignite program gave me the skills to take emotion out of it and enjoy food again. This program provides flexibility and workability in real life which is critical for long term success."

~ A.

A. Before and After
Mary A. Before and After
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Ignite helped me fully understand how our bodies function from a nutritional level. Not only did I learn skills that can be implemented long term, they were also sustainable (ie. carbs are not your enemy!). The workouts were functional and easy to follow and brought the clear understanding of how to reach that goal to build sculpted muscles.

~ Mary A.

What is Ignite?

Ignite is so much more than a workout and nutrition program: it’s a total transformation, inside and out.

12 weeks of a like-minded crew, daily workouts, a personalized nutrition plan, and-most importantly-a brand new approach to health and fitness unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

In these 12 weeks you’ll learn to approach nutrition and fitness as learnable skills.

✓ No more fad diets.

✓ No more yo-yoing.

✓ We’re here to take complete control, once and for all.

"Rachel, what do I get with my
MindStrong Ignite Program?

Daily workouts

Daily workouts:

Daily at-home and gym specialized workout options with video tutorials showing correct form, giving precise cues, and explaining common mistakes to look out for so you can work out with confidence (even if you’re a beginner!)

MindStrong Macros

MindStrong Macros:

Access to our Macros Workshop where I break down everything you need to know about nutrition step by step, so you can learn it as a skill and take ownership over your personal nutrition plan.

Live Office Hours

Live Office Hours

Accountability and support are key. Live Office Hours are your time to get any and all extra accountability and support you need.

Private Community for Ignite Only

Private Community for Ignite Only:

A community of like-minded women ready to show up, cheer each other on, support and understand one another. We're all in this together!

Bonus Live Workshops

Bonus Live Workshops:

Each month, I will go LIVE in our private community for bonus workshops where we dive deep into tips and tricks for nutrition, mindset tools for habits that last, and workout advice.


Bonus Workshops

Ignite is so much more than nutrition and workouts.

It’s about getting to the root of your current relationship with food and transforming it, once and for all.

All members of Ignite receive a ticket to the following Bonus Workshops:

Amanda Bolzau - Trauma and Your Relationship with Food

Trauma and Your Relationship with Food

In this 60 minute guided visualization, Amanda Bolzau, Trauma-Informed Certified Professional Coach, helps guide you back to where your relationship with food began and, most importantly, take the steps to heal and transform.

Romy Leonard - NLP Goal Alignment

NLP Goal Alignment

Romy Leonard, certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, life coach, and mindfulness teacher leads us through a live 60 minute workshop, where we explore our desired outcomes (goals) via a powerful visualization exercise and install a specific goal on our timeline for our unconscious mind to be absolutely clear.

Dr. Michelle Thatcher - Let’s Talk About Labs

Let’s Talk About Labs

Dr. Michelle Thatcher, Naturopathic Physician, discusses the labs she suggests to her patients, as well as how Naturopathic Physicians and other functional medicine doctors typically analyze your labs.

My name's Rachel and teaching is my superpower.

As I developed in my fitness journey, I was shocked to see how much bullsh*t was out there, packaged with a pretty pink bow and sold as Truth.

The teacher in me wanted to shout from the rooftops: "You're being scammed! Fitness and nutrition are learnable without being reliant on any one diet program! You just need to get educated!"

That's why I started my company, MindStrong Fitness.

I transform the lives of exhausted, over-giving, unhealthy nurses, teachers, professionals and entrepreneurs, who are trapped in a cycle of giving to everyone else, but never to themselves.

Maybe you've tried all the diets out there, but nothing sticks, so you stay in a cycle of over-giving and under self-loving, creating more stress and disease in your body.

By gently teaching you why things haven’t worked before and helping you to understand that it’s nothing to do with you but, instead, the process you've been using, I’m able to re-educate you as to what really works and help you to easily turn your life around, lose the weight you've held onto for years, increase the energy that you've longed for, boost your self confidence, and re-ignite your life in a way you never dreamed was possible.

You'll never need another diet again.

Rachel Slotnick - Owner, MindStrong Fitness

YOU can do this.

No matter your age, weight, or how many times you've started and stopped.

There are laws of health and fitness that apply to every single human being, including you and me.

There IS a magic pill. Two, in fact: Education + Consistency - and I’ll show you how to leverage them to achieve results.

Robin Before and After
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Learning the skill of nutrition, as well as how to train my mind, is WITHOUT a DOUBT a lifestyle...and the BEST decision and investment I have ever made for myself. I've strugggled with my weight (mentally and physically) my entire life. When I hit rock bottom I went on fad diets, shake systems, and even more dangerous medicinal and restrictive measures. It wasn't until I found my teacher and coach Rachel, that I finally started to have some confidence and control over my life. I am still a work in progress, but feel incredible thus far and can't wait to KEEP ON GOING!

~ Robin D.

Leanne Before and After
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I'm 53 and have always worked out and felt pretty healthy. My nutrition, however, is a different story! I took food to the next level during Covid and not in a good way! I needed a program that allowed me to eat in a way that works for my lifestyle and was easy to manage. I joined to learn about nutrition and how macros work. My experience in Ignite was fantastic. Rachel is real, raw, kind, supportive and strong. She is everything I was looking for to help me understand my eating habits and how to stay in control. Her program is built for a lifestyle not a quick fix and if you do the work you will get results! I am now MindStrong!

~ Leanne C.

Leanne Before and After

I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

Take a sneak peak inside MindStrong Ignite...


This program is FOR YOU if:

  • You're sick of starting and stopping and are ready to do this once and for all
  • You're ready to give yourself 30-45 minutes, 4 days a week to put in the work
  • You're ready to learn and understand, once and for all, without blindly following someone else's system that only works as long as you keep shoveling your money to them

Please DO NOT BUY this program if:

  • You're looking for a quick fix, "shed belly fat in 3 days!" BS program
  • You think that purchasing this program will get you results without doing the work

(If this is you, I love you but I'm not the coach for you. There are a thousand other fitness programs out there, making unrealistic promises about quick-fix results. We're here for truth and lasting results.)

*cue infomercial voice*

But wait, there's more!

I want to see you absolutely rock this program, so I'm throwing in over $2,500 worth of free bonuses when you sign up today!

Bonus 1: Free access to MindStrong 365

MindStrong 365 is a massive library of workouts, nutrition tutorials, mindset trainings, and more Plus, you'll have access to the exclusive Facebook group only for 365 members!

Value: $447

You get it free with Ignite

Bonus 2: MindStrong Macro Workbook

This reusable guide is yours to keep and reuse to adjust your macro numbers.

Value $174

You get it free with Ignite

Bonus 3: Macro Friendly Cookbook

Complete macro friendly cookbook and guide with all nutritional information listed for you. Recipes for everyone!

Value: $89

You get it free with Ignite

Bonus 4: Guide to Tracking Alcohol

Can you fit booze into your weight loss plan? Of course! This is all about creating a sustainable lifestyle and, for many of us, that includes alcohol now and then. In this free bonus guide, I'm teaching you exactly how to track alcohol to fit it into your weight loss goals.

Value: $89

You get it free with Ignite

Bonuses You Get Today:

  • Free access to MindStrong 365 - Value: $447
  • MindStrong Macro Workbook - Value: $174
  • MindStrong Macro Cookbook - Value: $89
  • Guide to Tracking Alcohol PDF - Value: $89

Total bonuses: $799

Yours free with MindStrong Ignite

But that's not all! You're also getting access to our exclusive Ignite Members ONLY portal including:

Nutrition Made Simple (& Fast): Value $399
Nutrition Made Simple (& Fast): Value $399

Bonus trainings + Recipes + Guides to make nutrition simple + fast!

How to Stick With Your Goals While Traveling: Value $299
How to Stick With Your Goals While Traveling: Value $299

Bonus trainings + Guides + Shopping Checklists on how to stick with your goals while on the road!

How to Stick With Your Goals While Dining Out: Value $299
How to Stick With Your Goals While Dining Out: Value $299

Bonus trainings + Guides on how to stick with your goals while dining out!

How to Include Booze In Your Weight Loss Plan: Value $199
How to Include Booze In Your Weight Loss Plan: Value $199

Bonus trainings + Guides on how to include booze while sticking to your goals!

Working Out Around Injury: Value $199
Working Out Around Injury: Value $199

Bonus trainings + Guides on how to keep momentum going around injury!

Working Out At Any Level: Value $399
Working Out At Any Level: Value $399

Bonus trainings + Guides on getting started and progressing, no matter your current level!

Total Bonus Portal Access:

+ Bonus Access + Guides

Bonus Access + Guides

= $2,593 in bonuses

Yours FREE with your Ignite Membership!

red quote

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes out of gratitude for this past year. I look at food as a source of pleasure AND fuel because I no longer feel like it is the boss of me - I now know how to fuel my body with a good balance of nutritious and yummy food to keep this going for life. I have been living this way for 11 months now and I am so excited to keep going to this next phase of getting stronger and becoming even hotter (lol!). If you had told me before I had my 2 kids that I could look and FEEL like this after becoming a mom I would have laughed in your face. I love being wrong!

~ Arielle D.

Arielle Before and After
Tobie Before and After
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If you want to grasp the truth and confidence, learning from Rachel is the key. I not only gained scientific knowledge that makes sense, but gained the confidence to believe these truths as well. Learn how to track what you eat, work out properly, and get rid of all the past lies that made you feel like a failure. It will finally change your relationship with food! Rachel is an excellent motivational teacher.

~ Tobie S.

Allison K. Before and After
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The transformation over the last 12 weeks both outwardly and inwardly has been more than I could've ever hoped for!! Finding Rachel was like finding a needle in the sh*t pile of trainers out there!!!

~ Allison K.

Allison K. Before and After

How do I get started?

  1. Reserve your spot now.
  2. You'll immediately be sent confirmation that your spot is secure.
  3. Within minutes, you'll have all the first steps you need!

Here's what you're actually getting when you sign up for MindStrong Ignite today

Full Ignite Program

  • The full MindStrong Method™: Education + Personalized Plan + Mindset = You’ll only need me once!
  • Daily workouts
  • MindStrong Macros
  • Live Office Hours for additional accountability and support
  • Private Community for Ignite Only
  • Bonus Live Workshops


  • Free access to MindStrong 365
  • MindStrong Macro Workbook
  • Macro Friendly Cookbook
  • Guide to Tracking Alcohol PDF

Are you ready to IGNITE?

MindStrong Ignite

Self paced, Group Coaching

  • Live Group Kickoff Call
  • Live Office Hours 2x/month
  • Ticket to MindStrong Macros Workshop
  • Membership to Private Ignite FB Group
  • Ticket to All Bonus Workshops
  • Free Macro Audit
3 payments of $329
1 payment special: $849
Enrollment is Currently Closed: JOIN THE WAITLIST

Ignite Premiere

Done For You + Your Personal 1-1 Coach

All of Standard


  • 1-1 Kickoff w/ your Premiere Coach
  • Macro Plan DONE FOR YOU
  • Weekly Email Check-Ins with your Premiere Coach
  • Bi-weekly Zooms with your Premiere Coach
  • Daily Voxer access to your Premiere Coach
3 payments of $997
1 payment special: $2497
Enrollment is Currently Closed: JOIN THE WAITLIST


Work Directly With Rachel

Elite is the most 1-1 coaching I offer. Because of this, I only accept 3 at a time.
All of Premiere +


  • VIP Elite Calls lead by Rachel 1x/month
  • 1-1 Strategy Session directly w/ Rachel
  • 1-1 Zooms directly with Rachel 2x/month
  • Daily Voxer access directly to Rachel

Book a Discovery Call

One payment of $9997

Questions? I got you...

What if registration in closed?

Registration for Ignite opens once every 14 weeks. If you’ve found this page in-between cycles, be sure to get on the waitlist and grab your spot in the next cycle. 

Is this program for beginners?

This program is for everyone. Because the weights you're using will vary depending on your current level, it works for everyone-from day 1 to day 1000!

When are Live Office Hours Held?

Live Office Hours will be posted at the start of each month. If you can’t join us live, don’t worry! Questions can always be submitted in advance and replays will be available to you.

When will the Macros Live Workshop be held?

As with coaching calls, you’ll be provided with the date/time once our program gets rockin’! It’s highly encouraged you attend this event live if possible, though a replay will be available. 

Are the workouts in groups?

Flexibility is key to this, so workouts are on your own time, whenever works for you! Our group coaching calls are a time for coaching, check-ins, support, and accountability as is our wonderfully active community. You’ll do your workouts on your own (or with the option of a personal accountability buddy) whoever works for you and your schedule!

What equipment do I need?

It's your choice! Ignite can be done using at home workouts, requiring only 1-2 sets of dumbbells or kettlebells, or in the gym. You choose at sign up.

Can I switch between home workouts and gym workouts?

Absolutely! When you sign up, you'll get access to BOTH Ignite At Home and Ignite Gym, allowing you to work out however works best for you! Also keep in mind that you're also getting free access to MindStrong 365, which has a massive library of both at home and gym workout videos, so you'll have plenty of content to switch things up for random days here and there.

How many days a week will I be working out?

Flexibility is key to sustainability, so which 4 days you train are 100% up to you. They've labeled Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, not Monday, Tuesday, etc. to leave room for whatever works for your schedule that week.

How long will each workout take?

That depends on how long you rest between exercises, if you play on your phone between sets, etc. On average, expect to devote 40-50 minutes per workout.

If I miss a workout, will I lose the content?

Nope. Each week that you're in the program, a new workout will unlock. They're yours to keep as long as you're in the program.

What if I want to cancel?

Because Ignite opens in cycles, once you’re in, you’re in! You’ve made a commitment to yourself, now it’s time to rock it!

What if I want to continue after our 12 weeks are complete?

When our 12 weeks together are complete, you'll have the option to end there or continue on to Ignite Level II, and will be given “first dibs” at the next enrollment period. 


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Questions before you kick off your journey?

Use the "Talk to Me" button on this page or shoot me an email: 

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